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The Packing Guide Frequent Travelers Wear By

You might not find packing for a trip to be a pleasant experience. Although it can be tedious and stressful, it doesn’t have to be so bad. You’ll be able to pack better and not worse with these great tips. You can’t go wrong with frequent travelers who have experienced their fair share of packing failures and victories.

Excessive luggage can make it difficult to travel safely, whether flying or traveling by bus or train. My travels were limited to three to four days. I worked full-time and had to take only three to four-day trips. I remember carrying a 75-pound bag on my first trip abroad. I regretted it when I had to carry it up many flights of stairs in buildings that didn’t have elevators. It’s safe to say that I have never made the same mistake again, and I now make sure everything I pack is easy to carry.

You also have to consider that baggage is more expensive when you fly. Checked bags seem to be more expensive than ever. Some fare options are great but do not allow a carry-on. You can save a lot of money by packing efficiently.

It’s best to pack half your luggage and twice the money when you go on a trip. This is a difficult task, especially for those who want to be fashionable while on long-awaited vacations.

Here are 19 tips from frequent travelers and experts to help you pack easily. To start with, COVID-19 is essential for safe travel. This section contains more information on the best way to travel. Let’s get to the packing tips.

Combine your outfits.

Martha Villaroman, a family travel blogger for Go places with kids and a mother of three, tells SELF that it is easier to pack outfits together. For example, you can roll your shirt, pants and underwear together to make a bundle. You can then quickly grab the bundle of clothes you need in the morning. Bonus: Rolling clothes helps prevent wrinkles and makes it easy to identify what you have packed.

Use packing cubes.

Cubes ( $25; Amazon ) are great for packing your suitcase efficiently. They help compress and separate clothes and can be used to pack your luggage more efficiently. You can organize cubes by day or by type of clothing. This will help you keep your suitcase tidy and prevent you from opening and tearing apart everything to find one item. A vacuum-sealed compression bag can be useful to protect vintage and weather-sensitive clothes.

Choose as many wrinkle-resistant fabrics as you can.

Mar Pages, co-founder and CEO of Solo Male Travelers Tours, tells SELF that the best packing tip for traveling is to pack non-wrinkle clothing. These fabrics are worth considering when you shop for or pack for your next trip: spandex and wool, denim, wool, knits and spandex. Avoid 100% linen and linen-cotton-blends as they are more prone to wrinkles.

Solid toiletries are available.

Lavinia D’Sousa, Continent Hop, tells SELF that liquids take up most space and are more likely to spill. If you are only carrying a small bag, they can be annoying to pack. D’Sousa’s solution? Instead, choose solid soaps and shampoo bars. A solid perfume, make-up remover, sunscreen, bug balm and toothpaste tabs are all available. To prevent liquid leakage, wrap plastic wrap around the caps.

Multitask your clothes

It is important to pack light and have items that can be used for multiple purposes. D’Sousa states that the scarf or stole is one of the most versatile items you can bring. D’Sousa says that a scarf or stole is the most versatile item you can carry. This principle applies to hair-care products and tools as well. For example, include a 2-in-1 curler and straightener, a tint that can make blush or lipstick, and a soap that doubles up as a shaving cream.

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