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How to hide money and valuables while traveling

Thieves can be smart. Because travelers have money, thieves target them. You can outwit a thief. All they have to do to steal your stuff is make it difficult for them.

How to protect valuables in your luggage

It’s a fact that we cannot stress enough: Never put cash or valuable items in your checked luggage. We can’t stress enough: Never put valuable items or cash in your checked luggage.

To protect your belongings while on the road, purchase travel insurance covering baggage damage/loss. If your bag is lost or damaged, you can file a claim to get reimbursement. We recommend The OneTrip Prime Plan with baggage loss/damage benefits up to $1,000

To document your luggage’s contents, keep receipts of any items you bought for your trip. Make sure to check your travel insurance policy for baggage loss coverage. Stolen cash isn’t covered. There’s also a maximum value limit for jewelry and electronics.

You may consider purchasing a bag with built-in protections for your personal or carry-on luggage. The travel backpacks made by Pacsafe are virtually unbreakable. Straps are made of steel wire to discourage bag slashers. To deter pickpockets, zipper pulls attach securely to security hooks. Turn-and-lock security loops let you attach your bag to immovable items.

Travelon is a small, theft-deterring bag with the main locking compartment and cut-proof shoulder straps. It also has RFID blocking card slots, extra-strong Velcro closures and RFID blocking card slots.

How to hide money from your body

It is best to act like a squirrel. You should keep your travel documents and money in multiple places. A dummy wallet is a wallet that you carry with you when traveling. It’s an old wallet that contains small bills and expired credit cards.

Money belts and neck wallets, flat cloth pouches that can be worn under clothes are the best way to keep your money safe while traveling. These are meant to protect you from pickpockets or muggers. The newer versions have RFID blocking so that your passport and credit card information is safe. One problem with them is that they can be seen under your shirt or in your pants looking for cash. This could attract unwanted attention. Many travelers make the mistake of wearing money belts without their clothes. This is a clear invitation to thieves.

You can also hide cash and valuables discreetly on your clothes and body.

  • Money belts look just like real belts. These belts come with zippered pockets that can store cash but nothing else.
  • Money socks. Zip It gear provides security socks with a zippered compartment big enough to hold a passport or cash. Although socks might sound like a bad place to store valuables, Zip It socks are made for comfort with fast-drying fabric, a nylon zipper, and an easy-to-use zipper.
  • Pocket underwear. Companies like Smuggling duds or Stashitware make underwear for men and women. It has a large pocket that can be used to conceal valuables. Although we don’t recommend reaching into your underwear to cash in cash while on the road, this solution is virtually pickpocket-proof.
  • Money bra. Bra wallets can be attached to the straps or fitted between cups. These wallets are comfortable to wear and can be seen under tight shirts.
  • A hair roller. Monica Wong, a travel blogger, suggests that you use a single hair-roller while on the road “to eliminate dull, flat plane hair.” Guess what? And guess what?

How to hide valuables on the beach

This is the classic traveler’s dilemma. You’re going to want to take your phone, camera, and cash with you to the beach. You don’t want to be worried about being robbed. Although you could ask someone to look after your stuff, a friendly-looking local might take advantage of the opportunity to steal your valuables.

Tie your bag to your chair at the beach to discourage thieves. A travel bag with a retractable security lock can be purchased to secure it to a tree or pole.

Inventors have created clever hiding spots for valuables on the beach like the safe. Although it looks similar to a regular SPF-25 sunblock container, it is watertight and can hold your phone (smaller versions), keys, credit cards, cash, and keys. Similar products can be used to mimic water bottles and soda bottles.

However, if a thief takes your whole beach bag, the sunblock safe won’t be of any use to you. Disposable diapers are one of the most effective hiding spots for valuables. Roll up your keys, cash, phone and cash and then attach the adhesive tabs to the diaper. Voila! A safe hiding spot that no thief can reach. It can be left on your towel so that your valuables are safe if your bag is stolen. However, there are some caveats: This is best for those traveling with children, and there’s always the possibility that someone will accidentally throw the diaper.

Stash sandals are a great option if you only need to conceal your cash or room key. These flip-flops are made by Reef and other companies and have a compartment that can store small valuables and credit cards. You can also attach a waterproof case to your swimsuit or hang it around your neck to keep your valuables safe while you swim.

Sometimes, your stuff gets stolen despite your best efforts. Allianz Global Assistance offers baggage benefits as part of travel insurance. If your luggage is stolen or lost while traveling, you can get reimbursements for eligible items. If you are the victim of theft while traveling, our 24-hour Assistance hotline will assist you in reporting the crime, getting money in an emergency, and replacing any travel documents.

You can protect your stuff and your peace of mind! Get a quote for your next trip.

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