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8 Jobs that allow you to travel

We get it. It can be hard to get through the day in Cubicleville, especially those who love to travel. Good news! There are many great travel jobs available to people who have wanderlust.

These eight careers allow you to travel if you are looking for work that allows you to do so.

Travel nurse, what would you do? The American Nurses Association says that the nursing shortage in the country is growing as boomers age. Hospitals are increasing the number of travel nurses to meet this demand. These nurses are often on temporary contracts of 13 weeks and can move between hospitals. Travel nursing jobs require at least one year of experience in the chosen field. A sample resume for a nurse.

How much would you earn: $32 an hour (roughly $61,600 per year)


What you’d do: While some archaeologists are permanently stationed at a museum, laboratory or college, many spend most of their time doing fieldwork–collecting and studying artifacts at historic sites and then presenting their research at conferences or publishing their findings in trade journals.

What you would need: Typically, you will need a master’s or Ph.D. degree in archeology. The average time to complete a master’s degree is two years. It includes laboratory or field research.

How much would you earn: $61,220 annually

Athletic scout

What would you do? Colleges hire full-time scouts to find and recruit high school athletes. This job requires that you travel across the country for on-the-ground scouting.

What you would need: Although education requirements can vary, you will usually only need a high-school degree. College coaches and pro-team coaches focus more on athletes and those with a coaching background.

How much would you earn: $31,000 annually

Consulting in management

What would you do? Management consultants, also known as management analysts or management consultants, advise managers on making their organization more profitable. This includes identifying cost-saving opportunities and improving efficiency. Consultants frequently travel between clients, so they are often moving for work.

What you would need: You will need a bachelor’s degree. Management consultants can work in many sectors, including engineering, banking, and health care. A degree related to your chosen field will help you be more marketable to employers.

How much would you earn: $81,320 annually

Event coordinator

What would you do? Event planners plan meetings, conferences, and company retreats across various industries. Event coordinators travel a lot because they visit potential meeting venues and sites.

What you would need: Most coordinator jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Employers will appreciate your experience in the hospitality industry. View an example resume for event coordinator.

How much would you earn: $46,840 annually

Flight attendant

What would you do: You can travel with your family and friends, but you don’t want to work long hours. Consider becoming a flight attendant. Flight attendants are responsible not only for providing food and beverages to passengers but also for maintaining safety. Be patient and calm when dealing with difficult passengers.

What you would need: All flight attendants must be certified and trained by the Federal Aviation Administration. A high school diploma is required by most airlines. View an example resume for the flight attendant.

How much would you earn: $44,860 annually

Travel agent

What would you do? Travel agents need to know about the services and venues they sell to provide high-quality service to vacation planners. They often travel to look for potential restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

What you would need: Many travel agencies require that agents have a high school diploma. Selling and customer service skills are essential.

How much would you earn: 35,660 per annum


What would you do? Geoscientists travel far and wide to study the physical aspects of the earth. They study everything, from rock formation to ocean water circulation to oil and gas deposits and environmental cleanup. They split their time between the outdoors, their office or laboratory.

What you would need: Entry-level jobs as geoscientists typically require a bachelor’s in geosciences or geology or another related field. A master’s or Ph.D. is required if you are looking for a high-paying position in research.

How much would you earn: $89,000.


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