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The 12 Most Haunted Places in the World

There are many places around the world where strange and disturbing things happen, regardless of whether you believe in ghosts. Perhaps one day, we will explain paranormal and supernatural events. Still, for the moment, these happenings are fuelling urban legends and urban myths about angry spirits and ghosts that live on this mortal plane. There are many places where ghosts and other ghouls can be found. This belief is widespread and global. A location can sometimes be regarded as worship for people from the other side of the world due to a combination of single tragedies. These 12 haunted locations result from the existence of legends, ghosts and the notorious nature of ghosts.

Valley of the Kings (Egypt)

We are familiar with the burial practices of ancient Egyptians. Given the advanced preservation techniques that allowed them to create mummies, it is no surprise that some places associated with Egyptian burials are believed to be haunted. This, combined with the legend that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs cursed their tombs to protect their wealth and keep away from would-be tomb robbers, makes the Valley of the Kings particularly creepy. The Valley of the Kings, located in the Theban hills off the western Nile, was used for burials for almost 500 years. For powerful pharaohs or other nobles, tombs were built. It is believed that the Valley contains 63 tombs or chambers. This is a lot of mummies. On any given day, the Valley can see up to 10,000 people. Some have even reported seeing an Egyptian pharaoh riding a fiery horse-drawn chariot pulled by black horses. Although many deaths have been linked to the tomb of King Tut, most people believe that the “mummy’s curse” was not responsible.

Dumas Beach (Surat, India)

Tourists love this urban beach located in India’s Gujurat state along the Arabian Sea. Surat has a rail connection to major cities. You can find vendors selling Indian street food along the promenade at Dumas Beach. The popular attraction is Dariya Ganesh Temple, located adjacent to the beach. Black sand on the beach is another attraction. The locals believe that the beach is haunted. Since the Hindu community, Dumas Beach has been used for centuries as a crematorium. According to Hindu tradition, Surat’s people burn their dead on Dumas Sands instead of burying them. (Kindly makes you worry about Why is the sand black? Visitors claim they have heard voices telling people to return to their roots. Sometimes people hear multiple voices even though the beach is empty at the moment. Creepy!

The Kremlin (Moscow, Russia)

Although the Kremlin is a landmark building in Moscow’s capital, it is haunted by former Soviet leaders. Given the tragic legacy of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the subsequent Soviet era, it’s not surprising that this haunted building is so popular. The complex is the official residence for the President of the Russian Federation. Its iconic symbols, including the Kremlin Wall and Kremlin Towers, symbolise Russia. The Kremlin is one of five similar citadels. It has 4 palaces and 5 cathedrals, including Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Although the Kremlin is associated most with the Soviet era, it was built as a fortress during the 11 century. The fortress was rebuilt and expanded in later eras. Catherine the Great rebuilt the Kremlin after being revived during the imperial period. It has been witness to assassinations and murder, intrigue and war damage, as well as many assassinations. After the 1917 revolution, Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin established the Kremlin as his headquarters. Stalin also had rooms in the Kremlin. Some people report that they have seen the ghosts of Lenin or Stalin wandering through the Kremlin corridors.

Tuen Mun Road (Hong Kong, China)

This highway has seen an astonishing number of accidents since 1978, many of which have been fatal. Some people attribute the high number of accidents to the road’s early design and heavy use, while others claim ghosts have appeared on the road, causing drivers and passengers to crash their cars. Tuen Mun remains one of Hong Kong’s most popular roads. Many of the accidents that occurred on Tuen Mun, one of the first high-speed highways in Hong Kong, can be attributed to poor design and the cost-cutting measures taken in its construction. The engineering team faced serious challenges due to the steep terrain and winding coastline. Substandard geometry and narrow carriageways led to many accidents. Despite improvements, accidents still happen, and they are often scary. In 2003, for example, a bus crashed through a bridge and plunged into a village 35m below it. This incident resulted in 21 deaths. It’s no surprise that there are vengeful ghosts at the roadside after such incidents.

Zvikov Castle (Czech Republic).

Zvikov Castle is one of the most important castles of the Czech Republic. It stands on a promontory at the Otava and Vltava Rivers junction. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has witnessed many bloody battles throughout the years. Although the castle was well fortified and often defended by enemies, it was not important for farming until 1640, after the Thirty Year’s War. After the 1840s, the castle was almost a ruin. However, its owners spent huge amounts of money to rebuild it. The castle is now open to hikers and hosts art exhibitions and plays. Zvikov’s Imp, the castle’s ghost, has inspired writers and painters. The ancient tower Markomanka is believed to be home to the Imp. It has bizarre engravings that date back to the 1 century. Visitors often report technical problems, strange photos, ghosts and other bizarre events to fire hounds who are said to guard the underground tunnel. According to legend, anyone who sleeps in this tower will die within one year.

Aokigahara (Japan)

Name the most haunted spot in Japan. You would be correct if you thought of a forest at Mount Fuji’s base! Although Mt. The novel Kuroi JukaiBlack Sea of Trees was published in 1960. This made it a popular spot for suicide-minded people. It is the most commonplace in Japan to kill oneself and the most visited destination worldwide. Two hundred forty-seven attempted suicide in the forest in 2010, with 54 succeedings. Suicide attempts peak around March, the end of the Japanese fiscal year. However, Aokighara’s reputation dates back to the 19 th century when it was possibly used for subacute. This is the practice of leaving an elderly or disabled person to die in remote locations. According to legend, the forest is haunted by the angry spirits left behind at night. Pokhara is extremely quiet because of a lack of animal life and dense trees. This may explain why people believe this forest is so haunted.

Baguio City (Philippines).

Baguio City, Philippines, is not home to only a few haunted houses. It’s home also to many allegedly haunted areas. The entire city is believed to be haunted. It’s no surprise that spectres haunt the city. The city has a long history of tragedy and trauma. Baguio was occupied during World War II by the Japanese. Many places, such as the Diplomat Hotel and the Laperal White House, witnessed horrific crimes and deaths. Rumours abound that these haunted places are haunted. Many of the buildings were damaged by the 1990 Luzon earthquake. Several of these buildings collapsed, resulting in many people who lived there. Many of these places are haunted by the ghosts of victims of the disaster. The Teachers’ Camp and Military Academy are two other haunted locations. Many other places, such as cemeteries, old hotels, and houses, are haunted. Baguio is the place to go if you are looking for a ghost!

Cinco Saltos (Argentina)

Cinco Saltos in Argentina’s Rio Negro region is also known as the City of Witches. It is famous for its hauntings. Although it has only been inhabited for about 100 years, its fame has been built on the frequent reporting of witchcraft. Bajo Negro is believed to be where witchcraft is carried out. People have claimed to have seen people in black robes performing rituals at the site. However, no photographs of it are available. There are also reports of paranormal phenomena, including UFO sightings. A young girl’s intact body was discovered in 2009 in an ossuary at one of the local cemeteries. The girl had died in the 1930s. She was not buried, but the body was stored in the box. Rumours of a ghost haunting this cemetery soon spread throughout the city. Another haunting place for ghosts and spooks is the nearby Pellegrini lake. One legend claims that a baby drowned in the lake 50 years ago. He can still be seen haunting the lake’s shores seeking comfort from anyone unlucky enough to have crossed his path.

Ararat Lunatic Asylum (Victoria, Australia)

The largest Australian abandoned asylum, Ararat Lunatic Asylum, is also known as Aradale. It was opened in 1867 and was the final destination for people with a mental health condition deemed “incurable” by the late 19 century. It remained open until 1998 when it was closed. It is now part of the Australian College of Wine’s local campus. It was constructed to house the increasing number of “lunatics” who arrived in Australia during colonial times. The building was officially opened in 1867. However, the patient list dates back to 1865. Two sister asylums were also built near it. It’s been estimated that nearly 13,000 people have met their maker at Aradale over the two-and-a-half centuries of its existence. Ghost tours are frequent and allow visitors to see many areas of the original complex, including the chapel, kitchen and wards. As if a former asylum weren’t scary enough.

The Empress Hotel (British Columbia, Canada).

The Fairmont Empress Hotel is one of Canada’s most iconic hotels. It is also known as the Empress. The hotel, located in Victoria, BC, is a National Historic Site of Canada. The hotel was built between 1904-1908. It has witnessed many historic events and is often visited by American royalty. Many ghosts haunt the hotel. One ghost is a thin, moustachioed man wearing a cane and sporting a moustache. He is believed to be Francis Rattenbury, the hotel’s architect. An apparitional maid is sometimes seen cleaning on the 6th floor. This gives new meaning to “working to death”, and a spectre is an older woman who knocks on guests’ doors. She says she needs help finding her bedroom. She leads the others towards the elevators and disappears if one of them agrees to assist her. Another horrible story is about a worker who committed suicide in an elevator shaft during the 1960s. Guests sometimes report seeing a shadow of someone swinging from above. The Empress Hotel has many interesting guests, no matter what!

Baskerville Hall (UK).

If a place ends up in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes novel, you know it is haunted. Baskerville Hall is a haunted house in Powys (Wales). This massive mansion was built in 1839. It quickly became a favourite haunt for some very ghastly visitors. Although the White Lady and the alleged hell hounds, which Conan Doyle wrote about, are the most well-known haunts of the Hall, many other spirits may be out and about. Conan Doyle also drew inspiration from the tale of a wicked squire, who was supposedly able to lead a pack of phantom dogs on the hunt after being buried in 1677. Conan Doyle’s novel was set in Devon by friends to avoid tourists. However, the Hall is still a hotel that can be explored. The grand staircase might welcome you with a male apparition, while the rose garden might bring the White Lady to your attention. You might hear footsteps or banging sounds in the corridors, just like other guests.

Witch House (Massachusetts USA)

It’s impossible to make it through a “most haunted list” without mentioning the Salem Witch Trials, one of the most notorious cases in American history. Twenty people were executed for witchcraft convictions in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692-1693. The Witch House (also known as Jonathan Corwin House) is the only remaining building with direct links to the trials. This house was once the residence of Judge Jonathan Corwin, who presided over the trials following the execution of Bridgette bishop and the resignation by Judge Nathaniel Saltonstall. Corwin was responsible for sending 19 of 20 victims to the gallows. Although no trial or interrogations were held in the house, it is believed that the ghosts of Corwin’s colleagues still haunt the building. It is now a museum that is open to the public seasonally. The episode of the TV series Ghost Adventures featured the house. Those involved in the witch trials are believed to haunt the Lyceum Restaurant and Joshua Ward House, two other Salem buildings.


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