Things to Know Before Visiting Australia

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of visiting Down Under. From seeing kangaroos, koalas to swimming in the pristine waters and basking in the summer sun. You need to know some things to avoid embarrassment and confusion, sunburn, and hungry sharks.

Don’t leave a barbecue empty-handed.

You should never go to a BBQ in Australia without a few things. You can make a salad, prepare meat, or bring dessert. A bottle of wine, or champers, will always be a hit. Always show up with something to thank the host. Barbecues are typically BYOB events, so bring your drink. As a polite gesture, you can leave any non-consumed beverages in the host’s fridge before leaving the party.

Learn the language of the local area

Although Aussies can speak English, they have their own slang words, which strongly influence their Australian English conversation. It could happen that you don’t speak the language but can’t understand their words. So, to help you out, here are some words to remember: thongs = flip flops; togs/swimmers/bathers = bathing suit; tomato sauce = ketchup; chuck a U-ey = make a U-turn; “Do you want to join us for tea?” = “Do you want to join us for dinner?”. These words will help you stay on track. However, don’t be afraid of asking questions. Most Aussies are happy to translate for you.

Australia’s summer is different.

Every Australian city offers a different kind of summer. No matter where you live, make sure to use sunblock. While the summers in Perth are dry, Brisbane’s heat will be extremely humid. Hobart is the best place to go for a cool summer if that’s possible. Darwin, on the other hand, offers a year-long summer. Every city has its unique flavor, and Australia’s climate can make it feel like traveling to other countries. Be prepared for anything.

Use sunblock frequently

Sunblock is essential for all Australians, even though the climate can change. You should always apply sunblock to your skin if you want to get a tan. Australia is very harsh, and it has a thin ozone layer, which heats up quickly. The sun can also cause skin damage, sometimes to the point where you can feel your skin scalding. Sunburns can last for weeks, and blisters can be very painful. To protect your skin from sunburn, you may want to wear a hat, a sundress or shirt, and a smock.

Australia is big

Australia is huge. Although you may think that you can fly quickly from one end of Australia to the other, the truth is that it takes over five hours to fly from Brisbane to Perth, and the drive will take three days. This is not an easy task. Each state is vast and offers so many things to do. There is no dull moment, whether you visit multiple states or territories or just one. Do not feel pressured to see every inch of this incredible country in one year. You can always return next year.

It is impossible to see all wildlife, and it is also impossible to be a part of everything deadly.

It is unrealistic to expect to see kangaroos or koalas on the streets. With cities growing rapidly, wildlife has moved inland. If you want to see native animals, it is best to visit a wildlife sanctuary. Although some animals can be dangerous, you are unlikely to be bitten by them. Australia is blessed with a beautiful natural environment full of unique and beautiful creatures. However, it is not a death trap.

It’s not cool to smoke.

It’s up to you whether you smoke, but it’s not an inexpensive habit in Australia. You won’t want the habit if you don’t have the budget to pay for a substantial portion of your holiday money.

Prepare to travel offline.

Some areas of Australia have slow internet speeds and can be quite expensive. This would be a shock to those of us who are used to having fast internet access. The best and most cost-effective option for staying connected is to purchase a hotspot that you can take with you. These hotspots are an excellent investment because they can be used as both a mobile charger and a connection device for your phone. You can kill two birds with one stone.

Tim Tams are the new Oreos

Although technically Tim Tams were the first to be invented, Aussies prefer to keep their secrets – you’ll soon see why. Tim Tams can be consumed in a matter of minutes so make sure you have enough to last you a while before you leave Australia. Tim Tams will be missed if you don’t love the beaches, the friendly atmosphere, or the sun of Australia.

Learn more about the currency

The Australian currency is colorful and plastic. As the value of Australian money increases, so does the size, and everything is rounded down to five cents, so there are no pennies.

Cars drive to the left.

It is very common to drive in Australia, even though public transport is not always the best. However, that all depends on where you live. If you are from the UK, it is easy to drive left. If you are walking, make sure to look straight ahead before crossing. To be extra safe, make sure you look in both directions before crossing.

AFL and rugby are superior to football

While football is the most popular sport globally, it’s not the one that drives the Aussies crazy. AFL, rugby, and AFL are the two sports that drive them. You can buy tickets if you are in Australia at the right time and then head down to the game or to the TV to enjoy these Aussie pastimes. You’ll have a great time, even if the rules are confusing.

Always swim between the flags.

Remember how we talked about the many deadly Australian animals? It’s quite safe to visit. This is true even though the waters around this land are very shark-infested. Please make sure to swim between flags as you are less likely to meet one. Flags also protect you against dangerous swells. You can swim in the ocean alone, but you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful waters if you do.

Respect others

Today, Australians show great respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. After all, they are the traditional owners of the land that you walk on. These respects can also be expressed verbally before certain ceremonies, meetings, and events. Respect all cultures and peoples. There are many amazing lessons to be learned from Australia’s Aboriginal history.

Australia’s borders can be extremely strict.

Australians are known for being laid back. However, border control can stop you from bringing certain items into Australia that are banned. Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, seeds, plants, feathers, and skins are all prohibited. If you want to bring medication into Australia, your doctor must declare it in writing. This includes obvious items like weapons, firearms, protected wildlife, and firearms. Think before you pack.

In an emergency, dial 000

Triple Zero (000) is the emergency number for Australia. Depending on the nature of the emergency, you will be directed to the fire, ambulance, or police departments. They will help you by phone and guide you through the process. Although you don’t likely need this information, it is still valuable.

Coffee is also a religion: Booze is a new religion.

It’s not hard to see why Aussies love their beer. Australia is one of the most important wine- and beer-producing countries in the world. Despite what some may say, Aussies don’t drink Fosters. There are many locally brewed beers, such as Victoria Bitter (VB) or XXXXX. So try one of these beers. Or, you can head to any wine valleys throughout the country to find some delicious varieties. Australia is a great place to have a cup of coffee, and Flat White was invented in Australia.

Rents are listed at $ per week and not per month.

The biggest shock for anyone looking to move down under is seeing a five-bedroom house for $750 with a deck, pool, and outdoor kitchen overlooking the ocean. It’s not easy to see it in Europe as per month, and in Australia, it is $750 per week. You can clarify your doubts with the agent if you are still not sure.

Aussies don’t tip

Tipping is common in America and Australia. However, Australia’s minimum wage is much higher, so tipping is not necessary. You don’t have to add any additional charges as all service fees are included in your bill. If you feel grateful or want to tip someone, you can do so based on how much you think they should get for their services. However, there are no expectations.

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