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Aluminum Suitcases That You Will Love to Use Forever

A sleek aluminum suitcase is best to describe a “stylish getaway”. These exquisitely designed carry-ons combine style and strength to provide travelers with lasting protection and durability. They transcend trends, genres and even generations.

Their shells are strong and rigid and feature a zipperless locking-latch design. They pay homage to classic trunks and incorporate all the modern features frequent flyers might require.

Browse our top aluminum carry-on luggage below if you are looking for new or upgraded luggage or if this is your first metallic cabin case. There are many options, from minimalistic, sleek designs to architectural masterpieces, for any budget.

RIMOWA Original Cabin

RIMOWA’s Original Cabin, a lightweight aluminum masterpiece, is ready for whatever adventure you throw at him.

This suitcase is inspired by the Junkers F 13, the first all-metal passenger plane in the world. It is also one of the most famous luggage pieces. It was first launched in 1950 and has been a favorite of the well-traveled because of its durability and sleek design.

The shell is made in Germany from high-quality anodized aluminum. This lightweight and durable material will only get better with time. This valise will be passed down from generation to generation thanks to RIMOWA’s multi-wheel system and TSA-approved locks.

LEVEL8 Gibraltar Full-Aluminum Carry-On 20″

LEVEL8 is the right choice if you want to add quality aluminum to your luggage collection, but keep it simple on your wallet.

The Gibraltar Full Aluminium Carry-On 20″ is constructed on a strong aluminum base and features a minimalist-looking hard shell made from aerospace-grade aluminum/magnesium alloy.

The best thing about this model is that it offers the same features as the larger brands but for a fraction of their price. Smooth-rolling 360deg wheels, TSA-approved locks and easy-to-open clasps with TSA-approved locks are just a few benefits. A telescoping handle, also made from aluminum alloy, allows quick maneuvering in busy airport terminals. The riched corners add to the durability and aesthetics of the bag. A complimentary 4-piece packing cube set keeps your belongings well-organized and maximizes luggage space.

Monos Hybrid Carry-On

Are you unable to decide between an aluminum or polycarbonate case? The Monos hybrid Carry-On is finished in a metallic finish. It combines both the best and worst worlds into a stylish, zipperless bag that ticks all the boxes for today’s modern traveler. The case features whisper-soft Hinomoto wheels and ultra-micro fiber vegan leather details. A telescopic handle can also be adjusted to 4 different heights and a release button beneath.

This suitcase’s lightweight, minimalist design features a zipperless anodized aluminum frame and durable dual-latch closure. This beautiful hybrid suitcase’s interior is lined with a luxurious 350D antimicrobial fabric. It also has a built-in compression pad that makes it easy to pack. You can keep it simple with the sleek silver case or go bold with the shimmery champagne and sexy jet black!

Zero Halliburton Pursuit Aluminum International Carry-On Case

This suitcase is from the brand that invented the aluminum case in 1938. It’s stylish and sturdy.

Zero Halliburton’s Pursuit Aluminium International Carry-On case increases durability and protection. It features a patented ZH Concave Edge architecture and a brushed aluminum surface that minimizes the appearance of scratches. The shell is strong and beautifully sculpted. It glides on multidirectional wheels.

Each product has a unique serial number. Original design touches such as the round cushion-cut latch locks and mid-century pull handle add a touch of elegance to this timeless aluminum case.

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