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Accessory for your Travel Game: Luggage Accessories

You’re likely to have experienced the luxury of a well-made, quality piece of luggage if you’ve ever given one to yourself. Frequent travelers add a few high-performing luggage accessories to their travel kit.

Even if you are a frequent traveler, you may want to care for the little things that bother you while in transit. Below are some solutions for those who have ever had to deal with wrinkles, lost luggage or were flagged by an airline for carrying too much baggage.

Our selection of luggage accessories ranges from clever kits to practical packing cubes. They will make your life easier.

Monos Compressible Packing Cubes

Although packing cubes are now the norm in luggage accessories, many lack the features that make them stand out from other options. The Monos Compressible packing cubes are not like other options. They keep your belongings organized and condense them with a simple zipper system. This creates more space in your suitcase. The sides of the packing cubes are sturdy and can be stacked so that you can arrange your belongings inside.

Samsonite Electronic Scale

It’s important to be aware of how heavy your luggage is before arriving at the airport. The Samsonite Electronic Scale is lightweight enough to take with you when you travel. After you have collected souvenirs and gifts, double-check the weight of your luggage as you travel between locations.

Explore Land Luggage Cover

This Explore Land Luggage Cover will protect your suitcase from scratches and scuffs. Different sizes are available to fit different luggage types. However, each cover has a lot of flexibility if your luggage is flexible or unusually shaped. Your suitcase will not become less transportable if it has wheels or handles. Your bag will also be easy to identify at baggage claim.

Kit for Travel Wellness

The Away travel wellness kit is the easiest and most efficient way to keep up with hygiene protocols. You’ll find everything you need in one of their mini-suitcases. It has an interior pocket and an elastic band that keep your supplies close at hand. An exterior D-ring loop makes it easy to attach to your luggage using a key ring or a carabiner.

Rimowa Trifold Garment Bag

The Rimowa Trifold Garment Bag will protect your suit when you travel. It is made of water-resistant and resilient recycled nylon and has several key features to make sure your clothes arrive wrinkle-free and undamaged.

The garment bag comes with a custom-made RIMOWA hanging rack in a matte black finish. It can protect your suit or gown even when you aren’t traveling.

Topo Designs Heritage Canvas Dopp kit

A toiletry bag is a must-have accessory for any luggage. Choosing a high-quality item that can withstand many adventures is important, such as the Topo Designs Heritage Canvas Dopp Kit.

It is made from leather and water-repellant canvas. The triangular shape allows it to stand straight, making it easier to find your items inside. It has a smooth zipper that doesn’t catch or snag, making it feel effortless to use.

Bellroy Tech Kit

The Bellroy Technology Kit will keep all your adaptors and cords organized. This small organizing pouch holds all your most frequently used tech accessories, such as power bricks, charging cords, and external hard drives. You’ll be less stressed about bringing all your tech with you when you move from one place to another.

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